15 types of annoying people

Yes, I am a horrible person; but aren’t we all at heart? Sometimes the Homosapien really gets on my nerves, especially these people:

The slow walker. Especially when they are taking up the whole pavement.

The loud eater. The sound of you mixing your food and saliva is rather off putting.

The loud breather. Are you sure you don’t have a respiratory problem?

The too nice person. Just get mad once in a while! And stop agreeing with me all the time.

Dog owners. Cats for the win. Plus, I do not want to have to dodge dog crap when I’m walking down the street.

The wannabe makeup artists. That contour just looks like war paint, by the way.

Children. Harsh, I know. 

The people who wait till the last minute to get out their wallets to pay for their products at the till, only to count out the amount in small change. Like, have it ready; what did you think was going to happen?

People that talk during a movie showing. SHUT UP!!

People that insist on having a conversation, not during the commercials, but the actual programme you are both watching. I just don’t understand.

Huggers. Who in this world needs the extra pressure of the awkward hello hug.

Gargantuan liars. On multiple occasions I have witnessed the telling of an incredibly made up story that never ever happened, and then been asked to corroborate said story with “Remember that? It was so funny!” You kidding right?

That one person in your class that always just has to go and ask a complex question 2 minutes before the end of lecture. Why, just why.

People who start to board the train/bus before you can get off. It’s not going to leave without you, you are not saving time and in fact I need to get off here because the doors will close with me still on board!

Rude people. Those people you smile at and do not acknowledge your existence, or say thank you when you hold the door for them, or say thank you to servers, or when they bump into you even though you moved for them to pass. It doesn’t take much people!


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